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          Company Profile


               Truemax Group established in 2003,is an integrated supplier of machinery engineering, manufacturing, trading, parts and after-sales services for international projects.Truemax group is headquarter in Hangzhou,Hangzhou Truemax Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd, the factory is located in Haining, Zhejiang,named Zhejiang Truemax engineering co.,LTD.

               Over a decade of active efforts and innovations, the company has provided stable and high-quality construction equipments and Crushing Equipments Provide one stop solution for many well-known projects such as Housing, high-rise buildings,road construction, bridges, tunnels, airports and Sea Port in more than 100 countries around the world. In particular, TRUEMAX Concrete equipments and crushing plant  have attained wide spread appreciation.

               During this process of development, Truemax has also won several honorary titles such as “Hangzhou Key  Company” and ” Zhejiang Export Famous Brand.”

               Ingenious quality, global service, and contribution to the construction equipments industry in the world! Truemax is taking this mission for the development of the company and leading all TRUEMAX partners to jointly build, share and win together, and make unremitting efforts for a bette Future.




                             Qun  Ma



          Truemax Group is the popular machinery brands in the world.

          We receive customer recommendations over 120 countries and regions every year. We are committed for being the global top ten concrete chain equipment supplier.


          Our basic operation principle is "TRUE TO MAX". This common principle enabling us to consistently deliver our value promise to employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders. Therefore, we also get true passion from our employees which will due to best service and max quality.


          Since 2003, we have always focused on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of concrete industry chain equipment, including crushing machine and concrete equipment. All products have passed ISO9001: 2015 quality certification and CE certification, and we are constantly committed to the research and application of high-end smart concrete industry chain equipment technology to improve equipment performance, reduce energy consumption, to contributing to the global construction machinery industry.


          We have advanced technical equipment, high-quality and efficient management team, and we have established a localized strategic branch and service team based on market needs, which can provide customized solutions and one package equipment solution. Truemax Group has participated in the construction of world-renowned construction projects, and we have built good relationship with PORR, HBK, ACC and so on.


          Adhering to the management philosophy of "More satisfied, more surprised", we look forward to establishing a close partnership with you, deepening the relationship together, releasing opportunities, and go further.


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